Indiv, Family, Couples, Group.

Currently offered to Kansas and Missouri residents. This service supports those looking to address life situations that could possibly be keeping them from moving forward in life. If you find yourself dealing with depression, anxiety, anger, communication issues, emotional regulation matters or unhealthy relationships, this could be the service for you. This is also a good option for those looking for pre-marital counseling and interested in certified Prepare Enrich services.

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Healthier Relationships.

Are you needing help thinking how to move forward with your life plans or help establishing and or creating new plans? Life Coaching and Consulting could assist you or your business with addressing the hard questions that may reveal your next steps and how to move your plans from the self to actions.

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Increased Leadership.

Taking a trauma informed approach to looking at leadership styles, we will journey through creating an equitable, safe, and brave space for a leadership approach to thrive and move your business forward encouraging staff retention, customer satisfaction and community effectiveness.

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Trauma in Organzations

Explore the following topics:

  • Trauma within organizations
  • Elements of Healthy Relationships
  • Processing Trauma within Communities
  • Grief
  • Integrating Trauma informed care approaches
Additional Topics available upon request

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How can we help?

Having trouble communicating? Are you going through a major transition? Do you feel out of touch with yourself? Is your family in crisis? Are you having connection and or communication issues in your intimate, family, friend, or work relationships? Has the pandemic put a strain on you or your household mentally?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, have no worries, you are in the right place. Most individuals, couples and families experience some sort of conflict ot crisis. Therapy can help sort through those tough times or help support the great times to help establish consistency. Contrary to what others believe, it is not about finger-pointing, who did what or who is to blame. It is about establishing and maintain tools necessary for behavior change, building healthy relationships, managing stressors, communicating, and understanding needs.

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