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You + Us Experience(d).

SoulMine is a BIPOC owned and led Therapy + Support Healing Partners. For us, that means we approach wellness from a shared Trauma-informed You Experience. Translation: we can help you hear to heal.

In our role as a Healing + Support bridge, our unique approach allows us to facilitate discussion, self-action, implementation, accountability, and growth at an inter/intrapersonal level from a personal and organizational position.

Our approach originates with “Self-Love Starts with You” as the foundation to healing (personal & organizational), followed by Trauma-informed Leadership, Therapy for Leaders and culminating with Organizational Capacity Building.

Healing can be a process and it can be immediate. Embrace the journey of both. Mental + Wellness = Emotional Wealth™.

Meet Chandra Green



Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Meet Chandra Green, MBL, LMFT.

Chandra Green is a coach, consultant, and licensed therapist. She received her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy and her Master’s in Business Law both from Friend’s University graduating with honors as a member of Delta Kappa. Located in Kansas City, Kansas.

Chandra has spent years working with her community, individuals, groups, families, couples and leaders in business to help channel conscious outcomes regarding healing, relationship goals, trauma healing and trauma informed leadership skills. Ms. Green has been an advocate for the wellbeing and holistic health of her community for over 15 years. With a focus on human rights and trauma, she has had the opportunity to serve her community in various ways. She has also dedicated time and efforts to helping leadership and organizations cultivate behaviors, cultures and education that lend to better practices and community mindset that represent the communities they serve through trauma-informed, diversity, equity and inclusion training and consulting.

Chandra has a passion to help others live their best life holistically. From how a person relates to themselves, to how they relate to others and into accomplishing the dreams that help them live a fulfilled life as one defines it for themselves. For those who are unsure of what this life can look like, Chandra provides those hard questions that lead to personal action and taking charge of your own outcomes as much as possible. By unmasking generational patterns, hard truths, unconscious beliefs and actions along with providing coping tools and supportive practices, Chandra is able to walk with you as you pursue… Self. Love. Healing. Dialogues.

Let’s do the work together!


Therapy for Leaders

Trauma-informed Leadership Coaching

Organizational Capacity Building


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